Best rack for non-suspension turntable?

I have a Well-Tempered Classic turntable. For those unfamiliar, it does not have any internal suspension.

Does anyone have an opinion about the best type of equipment rack for this kind of table? My options are the Naim Fraim (I have Naim electronics, but the Fraim is obscenely expensive) which is rigid with glass shelves or the Isoblue which is composed of layers of different woods (so I'm told).

The Fraim supposedly is unbeatable with a suspension table like an LP12, but I'm not sure how it would work with a non-suspended table.

Any opinions?
Go to your local pharmacy/orthopedic supply outlet and look for air cushions for people with piles. They look more like a wheel barrel tube, than a bike tube and seem to be really well constructed (think of the law suits and the size of those butts). Best of all, the nipples are on the outside, so you wouldn't need to disassemble your shelf (or get off your butt)to give them a top up. It should make levelling a lot easier too.
Hands down, Audiav turntable rack with Signature Platforms.

They even design it for free and are 1/3 of the price of Naim's.

The Fraim really is limited on size and is hard to work with other gear... plus they don't really do much for vibration, and do not control magnetics, ESP or interference.

The Naim Fraim looks great with Naim components though... but it better at $6k
In the $ 6,000.00 range I would pair a Minus K work station with a Silent Running Audio custom platform sitting on top and under the TT. The combination of the two yields phenomenal sound that a rack can not attain.

Cello - would you please say more about your SRA platform. I'm v. interested in their Craz rack. Thanks.

Minus K work station good... falling into the Silent Running Audio's marketing- bad :)

Don't believe too much of the hype. The SRA is a solid-to-solid and only helps with anti-resonance through mass loading... that's it. No magic there... all of their layers are solids, so there is not high-low-high decoupling and relies on thickness for resonance control.

Getting a Minus K that is off the ground with a SRA will run more in the $8k to $9k... it's $6k to $7k individually. For this amount you can get Solid Granite Signature Shelves from Audiav in a Crystal or Diamond frame that has built in loading adjustment setups and offers about twenty advantages... but what do I know :)

I'm biased