Best RCA interconnect up to ~$100?

Looking for the best preamp to amp rca interconnect. I don't have experience with many cables. Need help. Thank you.



I have used and can recommend: DHLabs (not White Lightning), Morrow Audio (50% sale right now), Supra Cables Trico or EFF RCA cables (dealer selling on eBay), or Pine Tree Audio which are showing promise. All could get you a very nice RCA pair that will grow with you through to "mid-fi". A couple might cost a little over your $100 limit, but only by $20 or $30

I use Cardas Headphone cables on my Sennheiser HD660S and really appreciated the improvement over the stock cable.  Their Parsec IC should be of interest.

I was firmly in trenches in the ‘wires don’t matter camp when I had a friend come listen to my system running SVS speaker cables. He was very polite commenting about the transparent sound stage, but lack of detail. It left me ready to go amp shopping until someone asked what speaker cables I was running.. I ordered and installed a pair of Anti-cables.. much more detailed, spacious with precise placement.. just goes to show you don’t know what you don’t know!

I was in the same camp too thinking cables don’t matter. Then I finally tried the Belden 9497 speaker cables a few audiophiles recommended just to try without having to spend a fortune and I actually heard a difference. Appreciate everyone’s feedback, but now I’m feeling totally confused about which rca interconnect to try and I’m not limiting to $100 anymore. I just want to get a good one and be done with it, if that’s possible.

I’m currently leaning toward trying DH Labs BL-1 SERIES II 2meters direct for $212. What do you guys think?