Best RCA interconnect up to ~$100?

Looking for the best preamp to amp rca interconnect. I don't have experience with many cables. Need help. Thank you.

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Usually anything silver I like best between electronics, although an interconnect manufacturer told me that copper was best between a preamp and subwoofer as copper does better with bass than does silver.

A friend in NorthCentral PA made his own silver interconnects, called them ‘Blasphemy ICs’ and were some of the thinnest most reasonably priced silver ICs I ever saw.  They sounded phenomenal!  I bought many pairs over the years, and then gave them to friends or sold them with the gear that I sold at the time.  At one point, I was using all of his ICs in my system for several years, as I change gear pretty often.  You don’t need to spend tons of money to get great ICs.


You can chose every component. I just had some balanced interconnects made with solid silver and the exact XLR connectors that are in my Luxman amp.

still kept it under $150. His builds are so well put together I’ve almost entirely switched.