Best reasonable$ upgrade from spikes?

I just read an article that suggested staying away from spike shoes that incorporate rubber into their design saying it messes with the dynamics. I have had target audio spike shoes (which are of this design) under my speakers for about 6 months to protect the wood floor. So I take them away and now the bass characteristics have changed dramatically. I was shocked. Who knew? Lost the Boom but now the dynamic balance, different.. Suddenly the room has stopped resonating with overpowering bass frequencies (very specific notes) but it also seems like the contrast has washed over a bit. Like everything has taken a step back. I need a bit more volume and the balance is better but I need more definition. Have been recently been upgrading my IC's and AC mains so I have lost a bit of perspective. I know these are not the problem though. Don't want to spend as much as the aurios but want to change from the supplied spikes. (speakers are Linn Ninkas) Thanks for your input.
I used to have the Target spike protector disc myself under my Dynaudio Contour speakers. Now I'm using the Soundcare superspikes. I actually think they sound better compared to other solution I tried before. They are reasonably priced also in my opinion for $49 for a set of 4. Here's the webpage if you're interested
Yes, you need non-flexible type spikes. Rigid, with no rubber or anything like that. Speakers must not be allowed to rock at all, even the smallest invisible rocking will cause sonic problems.
You can couple or decouple. Never the twain shall meet. As soon as you have rubber in this deal, you're decoupling. I am a firm beliver, (and I am in the minority) in coupling. I want all the resonances to be transferred to the ground. You do not want anything to get in the way of this process, which means, anything that absorbs sounds. Read my review, (it's in the Archives) on the Sistrum Mini Monitor Speaker support system. I get into the resonance transference thing, more specifically. Call Robert at Star Sound Technologies. Resonance transference is their baby, and they have everything you'll need to go that way, if you so chose. If all you do, is place Audio Points (there by coupling) under all your electronics and speakers, you'll freak at the difference you'll hear. To couple or decouple, that is the question. The answer for me: Couple.