Best reasonable$ upgrade from spikes?

I just read an article that suggested staying away from spike shoes that incorporate rubber into their design saying it messes with the dynamics. I have had target audio spike shoes (which are of this design) under my speakers for about 6 months to protect the wood floor. So I take them away and now the bass characteristics have changed dramatically. I was shocked. Who knew? Lost the Boom but now the dynamic balance, different.. Suddenly the room has stopped resonating with overpowering bass frequencies (very specific notes) but it also seems like the contrast has washed over a bit. Like everything has taken a step back. I need a bit more volume and the balance is better but I need more definition. Have been recently been upgrading my IC's and AC mains so I have lost a bit of perspective. I know these are not the problem though. Don't want to spend as much as the aurios but want to change from the supplied spikes. (speakers are Linn Ninkas) Thanks for your input.
Give a listen and learn a lesson. Warrenh, and Wellfed have given advice that will transform your system from good to excellent. Ya got 30 days to find this out for yourself.
I am sure you will thank Warrenh, and Wellfed for their tried and learned efforts. They have given you the opportunity to improve your system more than any component you could buy. Just another opinion.
Wish you the best in sound.
Guaranteed best upgrade that will improve every aspect of your speaker system will be Sistrum SP004 platforms. These are also from the makers of the Original Audio Points and are available from Star Sound. You will also need 12 coupling discs to enhance and to protect both your speakers and your hardwood floors. Only use the discs on soft surfaces,except carpet. You will hear with the addition of the Sistrum platforms, lower noise level, increased detail, improved focus, bass with better pitch and speed and if you enjoy a larger and more visual soundstage these platforms will let you see the performance. You will, over the course of months or years change electronics or speakers. Sistrum because of its fundamental physical nature will never be changed except when placed under your latest audio or video purchase. I have been using Audiopoints and Sistrum for 8 years now and have found nothing thats is, as dynamically coherent.
Wow!! Thanks for all the feedback. I was hesitant ont he audiopoints for some reason but will definitely consider these after so much positive experiences. Anyone got a counter-word on Polycrystal speaker spikes?
I agree with Theaudiotweak warrenh ect. on the audiopoints. I just built a complete media room using their sistrum racks and the difference is dramatic. Highly reccomended!!!!
Warrenh Says, "You'll freak at the difference you hear".

Wellfed says "I also like what I'm getting with the Audio Points".

Ksales says, "The difference is dramatic", a word used too often with little meaning. Like all of a sudden you finally realize what your system is capable of.

Theaudiotweak says,"Guarnteed best upgrade that will improve every aspect of your system". He also used that word dramatic.

I agree with all these comments. Sorry to keep harping on this Sistrum stuff, but ya just may agree with what these gentlemen have said. I do!