Best Receiver?

I’m setting up a second system with a set of stand mount speakers and a nice Garrard 301 and want a tuner built in, rather than an integrated amp. Of all the receivers, vintage and more recent, what’s the best sounding? I always thought those massive Marantz etc looked great but didn’t sound particularly good. Anyone have experience with something that sounded great?


I just got a great deal on the Magnum Dynalab MD208!

Thanks to everyone for your input. It was a hard choice between it and the Fisher 800 but it's easier to avoid any restoration hassles, I guess. 

I had the Marantz 2252B and 1060, they both sound great. Not easy to pair with speakers, but when they do, they are very detailed and musical

Lots of great choices mentioned.

I guess like any other amplifier recommendation, it ultimately depends on the loudspeakers being used.

A restored Marantz 2330 (non-“B”) would be my $0.02 suggestion for a great sounding receiver.

Luxman 1120 A is a beast by any measure!  This would drive Apogees!  The tuner, terrific.  Only downside were the speaker terminals which were push pins accommodating perhaps 16 gauge.  Captured power cord.  Other than those small deficits, a real winner.

The last I read at The Tuner Information Website, Accuphase T-1000 - Kenwood L-02T - Sansui TU-X1, are the tops.

Big money though, and I’ve never seen a North American version of the Accuphase.

I started with a Rotel RT-2100: hard to find, but sounds excellent.

Then - Rotel RHT-10: took me almost three years to find one, but sounds fantastic, fine soundstage, black as night in the silences.