Best recorded rock song ?

Nominate a song that you would consider to be the best recorded rock song you have heard. I will start with an unlikely candidate that is really up there: Eskimo Joe's 'Falling for You' off their Inshalla album. Fantastic song that floats through my whole room and really puts on an magic show.
I really think this should be broken down by era.Two track,four track, eight track,24 track options.Is it fair to measure a great two track 50's session to a 24 track 70's session?Or a session that was created in a matter of moments or one that took a year to make and was recorded all over.
That is why "Aja" is not only so good,but held in such high regard.If you took a recipe and kept bringing in chefs from everywhere you would have,at the end, a pretty sensational meal.Even if it took a year to cook.The technology has given the musician the ability to eliminate all flaws and still make the recording sound spontaneous,original,Vital and as exciting as if it came together in one magical moment live.When you have succeeded in taking the serpent by the tail and not be bitten you are an artist and simply not a technician.
Recorded simply on four track location recording setups in ad hoc improvised studios the first two lps by The Band
are difficult to beat for the blend of instruments and the uncanny disheveled vocal harmony.There is magic there.
To simply answer the question,i would nominate "Brown eyes" by Fleetwood Mac on the "Tusk" album.An amazing studio sound with angel wings,warmth,honesty and a sensual audio bath.But,that is just me.
I'll not answer:
Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Van Morrison Zep re: 70s, 80s, 90s.