Best recorded rock song ?

Nominate a song that you would consider to be the best recorded rock song you have heard. I will start with an unlikely candidate that is really up there: Eskimo Joe's 'Falling for You' off their Inshalla album. Fantastic song that floats through my whole room and really puts on an magic show.
No best in my book, but on the top rung with others, "Great Gig In The Sky", by Floyd. 30 years and it still sends chills down my spine and puts a grin on my face.
Anything from Simon & Garfunkel's "Bookends"; "Angry Eyes" from Loggins & Messina; "The Turn of a Friendly Card" by Alan Parsons Project
Any song on Jeff Kollman's album Shedding Skin. My favorite is Blues for Pop. Fantastic guitarest and very well recorded.
Joshua Judges Ruth is the only Lyle Lovett disc I own, but I agree that the recording is very good. I own many Chris Isaak CDs, and all of the sound very good to excellent. Another example of very good sounding recordings would be Tracy Chapman.