Best Recording of Solo Tambourine

I seek the best, most accurate and most realistic recording of a solo tambourine that anyone is aware of. Please give ordering details (Disc title and label, artists, and disc serial or product #'s) Out of print discs are not too helpful, as I intend to order the suggested discs from Amazon or Arkiv Musik. Thanks, 'Goners!
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Guys, guys, guys! The tambourine concertos include orchestras such as in the 39 Mozart tamb. concertos. Since we're looking for solo work, we need to seek the sonatas. Mozart, as I recall, only wrote one tamb. sonata. That was after his pet starling died and the piece was performed at Tweety's funeral. Wolfie couldn't bear music that sounded anything like his beloved pet's singing, so he went with pure jingle percussion. Beautiful.
If you search on "Riq solo" on Youtube, you can find some good stuff"