best redbook cd player versus good dvd-audio unit


I was wondering if there is a benefit to adding a mid-priced good universal player which can play dvd-audio well to augment my emmlabs great dac and transport.

There are some good titles on dvd-audio like the doors, talking heads, neil young, rem.......

I cannot afford to splurge on a 5K universal player like the ayre 5cx so probably it would be the denon 3930ci or the mccormack udp1.

I listen to two channel only although maybe when I move I will add a home theatre 5 channel setup too.

so for a 2 channel setup, is it worth 2,000 for a mid-level quality dvd player to listen to what is already out there in high resolution dvd-audio or keep listening to the best redbook cd on my top of the line emmlabs equipment.
A "GREAT" unit...better than just the Oppo 970.
I have one and it is better than the last two dedicated
cd players I had in here. $140 NEW.

Will keep the Oppo for DVD and a backup cdp.
My RAM modified Oppo 970 should be here early-mid week. I'll write a review once it's burned in...hopefully, that will help you somewhat.
Ive hear/read a lot about this player...but have yet to hear it. what other gear do you have? what did it replace in your system?
I heard about the oppo but as good as it is....stereophile said it was not nearly as good as the ayre 5cx.....of course that makes sense since the ayre cost around $5,000!