Best reissue or older version of Led Zeppelin 4 in vinyl.

Any recommendations on a good version of Led Zeppelin 4in Vinyl ?? I bought the one done by Jimmy Page and has ZERO bass. Would like to spend up to $50. Thanks. 
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You might want to search out the George Piros and George Peckham ("Porky") mastered reissue from the mid-’70s. The Monarch pressings (a plant that is now regarded in hindsight as having pressed a lot of good sounding records) tend to be bombastic, though a little noisy. (For Atlantic records, you should be able to see "MO" as part of the catalog number on the label, in addition to certain deadwax inscriptions). If you are careful to find a clean playing copy, you should be "in" for your budget.
As to "best," that’s often a matter of personal preference. And it usually comes with a price tag these days.