best replacement woofers for early advent speakers

my dad has these old advents that he bought new about '71 he says, and the surround on the woofer is gone again. i'm thinking we should invest in a more modern pair of drivers for these speakers, but i don't know where to look. i don't want to ruin the original sound quality. i checked out simply speakers but noted that others on here said their replacement woofers are not the same quality. i'm also unsure about self-repair kit. will that be true to the original? i love these speakers and i want to upgrade them with modern technology but i also want to preserve their originality to some degree. is there a product out there to suit my needs? these things sound killer when they're healthy and i know if i treat them right, we'll get another 30 years out of them no problem.
Do a search of the archives. There was something on this a while back.
"Just Speakers" in Florida claims to have newer OEM Advent woofers. I bought a pair for mine and although they are not identical (round magnet on back instead of the original square), they function, look and sound identical.
thanks for the reply. for the $260 for the pair of replacements on simplyspeakers, i want to make sure it's right.
Just do the the surrounds on the woofers. I have done many pairs of the original Advents...the large ones with the cardboard ring like structure. They come out great, and are as good as the originals, if not better. You can use standard 10" surrounds, and glue the surround to the top of the brown hard cardboard ring. I get these surrounds at a place called Allstate Electronics in Jamaca, Queens NY(718 291 3388). They also sell the Vinalite cement to do them. They sell other glues, but I like this Vinalite cement best. These are very easy to do, and I use no special tools other than a knife to scrape off the old surround from the cone. They are easy, and just make sure you glue the surround to the cone frist, then you can play with the alingment as you glue the outer edge of the surround to the brown cardboard. Don't bother with the replacement woffers, just fix the old ones. If you screw up the frist time, just carefully remove the surrounds and try again. The surrounds cost about $3.00 each, and the glue is about $5.00 for a bottle that can be used to do several pairs. Also, the surrounds can be put one either way, inverted, as the originals, or the other way, as with most speakers. If you put them on the latter way, they come pretty close to the grill when it is in place, but they play just fine. You might see the grill breath a little as you really pump them, however. Email me, I can pick up these surrounds and glue and send them to you if you like. The cost is small. Or maybe you know someone in NY who could do you the favor. I don't know if Allstate ships them or not, but you have the telly, so call. My Email is:
wow, thank you very much for the offer! so you're saying to use the original surrounds, or a different one? just pick up the surround of my choice and glue that on? in that case i could use a high-quality rubber surround like i wanted. that would be awesome. you do realize though, that i am all the way in california? thanks!
where do you get tweeters for the original Large Advent?

Thanks for the info about the woofers...