Best Retailer Youve Done Business With?

Not a Top Ten Thread this time. But lets hear it for the Audio Dealers that are truly deserving and go that extra mile for your dollar. These people never get enough credit for all their hard work.
I'll second the mention of Audio Outlet. Mike O'Keefe not only has one of the best set of ears around, he is also a top-notch turntable setup man and an expert on vintage vinyl. In addition, I have nothing but good things to say for my two local dealers, CSA Audio in Upper Montclair NJ and Audio Connection in Verona NJ, both of whom have sold me plenty of items and let me have extended auditions of equipment I have considered purchasing.
Gene Rubin Audio,Ventura CA. -rega,roksan,creek,naim,myryad,spendor,meadowlark,pink triangle,dynavector,koetsu,goldring- I can't recommend anyone more highly-superb service. Best, Ken
John Fort Audio Video, Dallas and Gaylen Carol in San Antone are two of the best IMO
I'll second Audio Connection in Verona, NJ. John is a great guy and very knowledgeable. I've never felt rushed or like he was ever trying to make a sale or push me in a particular direction. He seems to just love doing what he does and has been very helpful. His prices are fair and he carries some real nice lines. Worth the trip.