Best RG6/RCA Compression Connectors for Subwoofer Cable

I’m looking to use Belden 1694a cable for a subwoofer run. I want audiophile quality compression connectors to adapt the RG6 to an RCA connection. 
“Audiophile quality” and “compression connectors on RG-6” are a contradiction in terms. Just about anything else would be an improvement over that. Check out Monster subwoofer cables. They’re sold everywhere and meant for the task. 
Ewww Monster is horrible and I’m not putting anything Monster in my theater walls. They are horrible. I’m sure they use stranded core wires, as in plural wires at that.

Actually, a lot of audiophiles use RG59 for subwoofer cable, and R6 solid copper is an improvement over that. Blue Jeans cable makes them using the method I intend to use.

This is a powered subwoofer mind you, so the signal going to the subwoofer is DIGITAL Line Out, for which RG is perfect for long runs and maintains constant 75 ohm impedance. Now, if you were talking about a passive sub receiving an analog signal, I would agree with you.

I found that Canare makes connectors like I am searching for. Not sure if there is anything better. If anybody knows please let me know.
It is true that RG6 is a 75 ohm cable, however the LFE out/subwoofer line out that connects to a powered subwoofer is an analog signal, not digital. The RG6 will make things work, but would not be my first choice. If it's not possible to use a factory made subwoofer cable, then I would use a twisted pair with drain from Mogami cable and terminate with quality RCA's. Mogami quad 2534 cable would even be better, but it's a little more difficult to terminate.
Don’t forget that RG6 cable uses a copper clad centre conductor made of steel. It is great for RF and other high frequency applications, but lousy for audio. Also remember that coaxial cable exposes one of the signal-bearing conductors (the “shield”) directly to interference. True high performance audio cable uses a twisted pair of signal bearing conductors protected by a layer of foil and 100% braided shield with a drain wire that is connected to chassis ground at one end only. Yes, Monster doesn’t use a dedicated shield, but their connectors and cable are still the same concept, and infinitely superior to compression connectors on RG6.