Best RG6/RCA Compression Connectors for Subwoofer Cable

I’m looking to use Belden 1694a cable for a subwoofer run. I want audiophile quality compression connectors to adapt the RG6 to an RCA connection. 
Don’t forget that RG6 cable uses a copper clad centre conductor made of steel. It is great for RF and other high frequency applications, but lousy for audio. Also remember that coaxial cable exposes one of the signal-bearing conductors (the “shield”) directly to interference. True high performance audio cable uses a twisted pair of signal bearing conductors protected by a layer of foil and 100% braided shield with a drain wire that is connected to chassis ground at one end only. Yes, Monster doesn’t use a dedicated shield, but their connectors and cable are still the same concept, and infinitely superior to compression connectors on RG6. 
Belden 1694a Cable is not copper clad steel. It’s solid copper. Yes I know it’s techinically not RG6 according to MILSPEC but everybody just calls it RG6. I saw the whole thread argument where RG6 is technically copper clad steel.

Just out of curiousity, what’s your take on RG59, because 90% of companies making subwoofer cables are using that and it’s the exact same as RG6 type solid copper line just smaller and more flexible. 
Remember, this line is going in-wall and therefore needs to be fire rated as CL2 or CM.

Every search I perform on google for In-Wall subwoofer cable comes up RG59 or upgrade to RG6!

Every search also says you can’t use regular speaker wires to make powered subwoofer interconnects.
Use Belden 1696a Brilliance cable. It’s great for analog audio applications and you can build audiophile grade cables yourself to the design I gave above very economically.