Best Rock Album in 2011

This was my favorite thread from last year, so figured I would start it afresh.

I'll start:

Foo Fighters "Wasting Light"---best album by the Foos in years

TV on the Radio "Nine Types of Light"---bit more ambient than Dear Science, but the music is first rate
The Foo Fighters' "Wasting Light" is a must-have rock album (especially on vinyl - 2 LP 45 RPM set + free digital download). Let me emphasize - this is a ROCK album. While My Morning Jacket's "Circuital" *is* outstanding, and Wilco's latest is growing on me (coming from long time Wilco / Son Volt / Uncle Tupelo fan), neither of these releases are "rock" like Wasting Light.
Agree that it takes a few spins for The Whole Love to take hold, but well worth it. Wilco is rolling in clover and not as far from Uncle Tupelo roots as on prior efforts.

Though not rock, Bonnie Prince Billy's "wolfroy goes to town" is a stand-out, and what a lyricist: "I'm no match for those who love god, and they're no match for me."
Foo Fighters is very interesting and cool sounding rock record, done on tape like rock records from years ago. Butch Vig produced it -a great guy who is also the drummer from Garbage-also had an all analog studio in Madison Wisconsin for along time. Did you guys get a copy of Wasting Light with a little piece of tape in it? It was actually the real tape used for the record.

Bob Ludwig, one of the best mastering guys around, told me quite recently I should get the new Wilco record if I liked great sound. Haven't bought it yet but plan to!



Dgarretson...that Will Oldham album is a great one. Highly under appreciated artist IMO.

I'm not much of a Wilco fan but the first and last songs on The Whole Love are amazing. I could take or leave the rest but those certainly make it worth owning for me, especially the 24/96 version.

Don't care much for the Foo Fighters Wasting Light. I do really like the covers record they released this year. I'd much rather listen to their Have A Cigar than the original I've heard a zillion times over. Also like the Gary Numan cover a lot. Cool album.