Best Rock Album in 2012

Ok folks, let's get another one started. Best yearly thread for us rock fans.

Not really rock, but like Gotye "Making Mirrors" so far.


Beach House "Bloom" is dreamy electro-pop reminiscient of Concrete Blonde, Low, Zero 7, Air, with a dash of Kate Bush. Superb sounding on 2x 45RPM LP.
Public Image Ltd. "This is PiL".

"This is PiL-- you have entered the pil zone." He ain't kidding-- suave strutting antics unsighted since Johnny Rotten(or Jagger for that matter) in their prime. Excellent master to double LP "recorded deep in the English countryside."
Another vote for Gotye's Making Mirrors. The sound varies from good to very good and the music is very interesting. The vinyl is quite thin and both discs in my copy were pretty badly warped. The Vinyl Flat took care of this with no adverse sonic effects. I recommend both Making Mirrors and the Vinyl Flat. Hopefully not everyone who buys the album will need to flatten it but with the Vinyl Flat warped copies can be salvaged very well, and safely it seems.
I just picked up Hiss Golden Messenger's Poor Moon on the above recommendations and agree that it's right at the top of my list for this year's favorites.

On a side note, I heard a few tracks on preview from the soon to be (or possibly just) released Alejandro Escovedo CD and it sounds promising. It's on order (along with the new db's record) and I'll follow up here if either deserves mention.