Best Rock Album in 2012

Ok folks, let's get another one started. Best yearly thread for us rock fans.

Not really rock, but like Gotye "Making Mirrors" so far.


Has anybody seen GB open for Radiohead? Shields is an excellent LP, but may go too far in the direction of turning GB into a cover band for the RH sound.
I'm inclined to vote against the new Neil Young and Crazy Horse, "Americana."

Not the most rabid Neil fan (though I follow many of his musical descendants), but I was intrigued by the song list of folk classics like "O Susannah" on this one. Unfortunately, I didn't find the re-imaginings particularly compelling. Won't make it into heavy rotation.

IMHO, of course.

Dave Mathews Band Away From The World not bad IMO at all. Also enjoying Green Day Uno. Not new music but new reissues, the Blur titles are great.
It's not rock, but Brian Eno's ambient Lux is getting me through the Holiday angst. Nice sounding DMM double LP.

Other worthy LPs include Neil Young Psychedelic Pill, Soundgarden King Animal, Calexico Algiers, Mekons Ancient & Modern(2011). Trying but so far failing to care about John Cale Shifty Adventures in Nooky Wood.