Best rock bass player

Today is the 11th anniversary of John Entwistle's death. I had the pleasure of seeing him play live a few times and was always impressed by his musicality and ability to keep up with Keith Moon- much less lay a foundation for Pete Townshend. I also have always enjoyed Chris Squire, Stanley Clarke, and Flea for similar reasons. Who are some of your favorites?
I agree with Geddy Lee. I listen to a huge variety of music and I don't believe I own any Rush. I have however seen them live in the late 70's/early 80's and I've never heard a bass player as good as him live or recorded. I'm talking electric bass however.
There are a lot of great bass players already mentioned. Three others that belong in the discussion are Stuart Hamm, Dave Larue, and John Myung. Of those three, I think Larue is the best. I have seen all of them live, and they are all outstanding.