Best rock cover songs, list your favorites

Guys/gals im a lover of cover songs, Which songs you enjoy the most? rock or acoustic.
Hootie and the Blowfish doing Bill Wither's 'Use Me'. Sorry, thought it was a nice nod. Also, I can't get enough of hearing Pat Traver's version of (take your pick) 'Born Under a Bad Sign' off the "Crash and Burn" album. I think I've actually refoamed woofers due to a few cuts off of that album...or was it Queen's 'Dragon Attack'. Not sure.
One more where the cover is probably more recognized than the original:

Peter Green/Fleetwood Mac's "Black Magic Woman" being covered by Santana.
Many of the Eva Cassidy's covers of well known songs are, IMO, better than the originals.
OTOH Patricia Barber's version of Black Magic Woman is my favorite. Lila Downs does a great version of this song too.