Best Rock Drummers

I've seen most of them and by far the two that stand out are Neil Peart of Rush and Ceasar Z. of Golden Earring. For non-rock I would say it's a no brainer with Buddy Rich.

Keith Moon lived such an outrageous life, he would have re-learn how to play the drums before recording the later albums. 

As good as Bonham is, he was not as fearless as Moon. It is true that Moon would play over things that most session drummers would dare not try. It's something only novices attempt.  But he's fearless...he made it work and The Who's style allowed for it. 

There is more consistent badass style with Bonham from song to song. But Moon gives me goosebumps on just the few songs he's great at.

Best Rock Drummer is a really fun...but it's a joke. Everyone has their great moments and made their contributions. They're all great. I think Ringo is took me a long time to realize that he simply deferred to the music. He was also mire influential than Buddy Rich to aspiring drummers.


Totally agree with Aynsley Dunbar's work on 'The Grand Wazoo' - I'd also nominate Simon Philips for Phil Manzanera's '801 Live'. 

And Ringo is awesome - what an amazing drummer he is...



John Bonham

Stuart Copeland

Keith Moon

Nico McBrain

Tommy Aldridge

Mitch Mitchell

Bill Ward

Ginger Baker

Danny Carey

Mike Mangini

Dave Portnoy

Just a few non rock drummers

Eric Moore, Steve Gadd, Tony Royster Jr., Billy Cobham,

Larnel Lewis, Benard Purdy



Buddy Harman - Roy Orbison’s drummer.

John Bonham, Mick Fleetwood, Ringo, Charlie Watts and  

Keith Moon.  No order for these six…

Well, when my brother took lessons from Gene Krupa and Cozy Cole in NYC at their studio in the late 1950's, they said that at 16, he was much better than either of them were at that age. Unfortunately, college and a degree in Theoretical Nuclear Physics called, so he quit. They did carry him out to the 50-yard-line when Queen Elizabeth came to his college (William & Mary) his freshman year so he could play a solo with the marching band at half-time. (Yes, I have photographs for those non-believers out there.) But I digress. Don Henley plays and SINGS at the same time. If you think THAT is easy, TRY IT. As far as Ringo, well, he was amazing at what he did with the Beatles, but greatest of all time? I have no idea. Playing drums is a skill that takes years of practice. Bashing out slams on skins doesn't make one a drummer/percussionist. Drummers and bass players make rock music rock, so I would say anyone who fits the band and music is pretty darn good. Watts was amazing at "driving" the Stones style and making it special, but so was James Brown's various drummers, so...pick your poison, I guess.