Best rock song of all times

Only one answer please.
Not the best written or the best musical complexity but the one that represents the rock.

My choice: Satisfaction - Rolling Stones

- first notes are like the 5th of Beethoven (when you hear those notes, everybody pumps up the volume)
- still very up to date
- a mix of rock and blues rock and Motown sound
- lyrics talks about disatisfaction of young people vs life, politics, money and women (even B Dylan like that song)
- music is very basic as a good rock song should be
Hmm, I feel like I should name another one...

You all should listen to this one.  Tons of energy, uniquely garbed lead singer, and guitars blazing.  Anyone remember, "She Sells Sanctuary"?  1985, believe it or not...
A few candidates off the top of my head.  Yeah, some have been mentioned.

Doors -- Break On Through and Light My Fire
Ramones -- I Wanted Everything
Hendrix -- Foxy Lady and Purple Haze
Sex Pistols -- God Save the Queen
Pearl Jam --  Alive
The Who -- Won't Get Fooled Again and My Generation

Rolling Stones -- Under My Thumb
Cream -- Spoonful
Led Zeppelin -- Dazed & Confused
Presley -- Heartbreak Hotel and Blue Suede Shoes

Eddie Cochran --- Summertime Blues and C'mon Everybody
Little Richard -- Lucille