Best Russian Tubes to Import

I have some freinds in the gaming business living in Russia, can anyone offer a place or company to buy good tubes from over there.

Is it worth trying to import them I know there is a market but which are the most sort after Russian tubes name and type.

That was the first name that came to mind. Are Russian Military tubes worth perusing.
Last I heard, there was some kind of distribution or ownership rights conflict regarding current Svetlana tubes. In the USA, the tubes that were the originally Svetlana are now sold under the "Winged C" or "Circled C" logo...I believe that current Svetlana tubes are in fact, really Sovtek least as of a year or two ago.

I don't know what you have for testing gear, or your experience, but there are many tube suppliers with known reputation, and full tube lines [Yugo, China, Russia] and have access to supplies of NOS tubes as well.

I have no idea of the Custom forms and duty that might have to be considered for such an endeavor. Investigate all aspects CAREFULLY before making a decision!
Hi Punkuk, Russian tubes are plentyful here in the US at dirt cheap prices. Importing real Russian military tubes would probably be your best bet.

Be careful with the Russian "military" tubes. I bought some "military" 6H8Cs (same as 6SN7) and they were clearly identical to the current Sovtek 6SN7s, and sounded just as bad. YMMV.
Thanks for the guidance.
It looks like another hair brained idea to make a bit of cash to buy my next peice of equipment
Back to the drawing board.