I would like to hear from people with Tannoy 15' dual concentric speakers
which type of S.S. amp they found produced the most pleasing sound in
their estimation. I would like an integrated for simplicity. Class A , Power or ?
Anyone having experience please chime in?
The larger Tannoys are well suited for tube amplifiers as they are easy to drive and don't need much power.

But if you really want to go solid state you first stop is a First Watt amplifier by Nelson Pass. They don't make a lot of power but unless you have a very large room that'll be OK. But they are smoother and more detailed than most solid state amplifiers owing to very simple design and no feedback. They also are class A operation- so expect some heat.

If you get a regular solid state design that uses feedback, there is a real possibility that you won't be hearing everything that the speaker can do!
Bakoon.No contest because they operate electrically more like tube amps.I have tried a lot of different SS and and tube amps with various Tannoy 15s and the Bakoons are by far the best sounding.
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Interesting thread I’m pondering the same thing myself and partly drawn to the Redford Revival STA 15 or 25 as a tube based amp wile for solid state I’m going class A with a contemporary of my speakers Tannoy Berkley from ‘76 being a Yamaha CA1000