Best SACD Player in the $2000 Range

My set up is Quad electrostatics, with Thor Linestage,
Thor 150 watt monoblocks, Stibbert By Blue Note Cd player and a Cary 306/200 with a Thor Dac. Listen to a lot of classical and want to hear the difference between SACD and redbook. What SACD player would anyone on the site that has one in his system recommend at or close to my price range? Any help appreciated.
You will enjoy it from the start, but it definitely improves over time. The bass is very nicely done, and the tonal qualities are spot on. I think it is a little more alive than the Marantz SACD players I've listened to.

I'm listening to Joe Henderson "Lush Life" on SACD at the moment, and the sax is very nice indeed.

Where did you order yours from?

linn sc is the one. this player is king it will play anything but bluray but is also a dac for another input an can also be a preamp. read alvin gold's review. the vid section will also impress. used it creams all other players in the $2000 range don't worry about hdmi output the comp. outs are better . we should do a shootout this player rocks 'em all
Lexicon RT20 under $1000 and buy excellent power conditioning/isolation with the savings.
I have had the 5400 for 2 weeks, I have owned Marantz SA11-S1, S2, NAD M5 most recently. The Sony in my opinion beats all of them, it is more honest in it's representation, the NAD is the closest to the sound of the Sony but the Sony beats in detail and low end responce. The Marantz are great players if you have brighter components since they do add a liile warmth.
hi jtsnead:

are you saying the sony has more reolution than the marantz 11s2 ? i owned the marantz 11s2 and found it anything but subtractive or warm.

warmth is a slight dip in the upper mid/lower treble accompanied by a slight peak in the upper bass/lower mids.

i did not find the marantz 11s2 anything like that.

is the sony warm as i have defined it ? if not have you heard any sacd players that are very listenable, non fatiguing and warm, as i have defined it ?

thanks, in advance.