Best Sax Jazz

What do you think are the best saxaphone based jazz cd/albums
Not familiar with Billy Harper, do you have 1 or 2 favorites that you would recommend as starters?
Do you mean sound-wise or performance-wise? Sonny Rollins "The Bridge" and Johnny Griffin "Return of the Griffin" come to mind performance-wise. Soundwise, most audiophiles will not like my suggestion: settle for nothing short of the live event.
Check out Harper's work with the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Big Band from the '70's; "Potpourri" in particular. Great addition to the list; thanks 1197.
Forgot Sonny Stitt "Moonlight in Vermont" and Lew Tabackin, with the big band or in a smaller group.
Billy Harper's Sessions

Out of print LPs:
Love On The Sudan (Denon)
Knowledge of Self (Denon)
The Believer (Baystate)

Out of print CD:
Soran-Bushi (Denon)

Currently Available CDs:
Destiny Is Yours (Steeplechase)
Black Saint (Black Saint)

With Randy Weston:
Saga (Gitanes/Verve)
Spirits of Our Ancestors

With Woody Shaw:
Love Dance (currently released on CD in combination with another good Woody Shaw session)

With Lee Morgan:
Last Session (Blue Note)