Best shipping companies

Looking for suggestions to ship a pair of large speakers from Chicago area to new York area. The seller received a quote of $800. Any suggestions would be appreciated. 



maybe it sounds weird, but I can assure you that taking extra precautions (such as calling them) is worth the time and energy investment.

sure they are handling so many parcels a day - but one or two delivery drivers is going to be assigned to deliver that parcel to you - based on the proximity of their warehouse and time/schedules of their folks who manage and complete deliveries.

I’ve also done this with kitchenware, my tempered-glass desk, furniture (new dining table) etc.

sure thing - people make mistakes, but that extra bit of effort on part of the buyer goes a long way. I once bought some audio gear from Spain, now sold - that was looked after very well and arrived without any damage.

at 18, i bought an amplifier online. Only to have it severely damaged upon arrival. it was also interally damaged beyond repair. never want to have such an experience again. and if I’m selling, i always double-box, pack it up super nice to ensure that even careless delivery drivers won’t be able to cause damage; either accidentally or intentionally.



Freightcenter is who I use because they offer everything I can think of, shipping companies, dates locations, prices, curbside, liftgate, you name it. Whatever you need, didn't know I needed, is all there easy to plot.

@mastering92 OK, I hear you. I often ship items that cost up to $3000, so I’m very interested in how you are able to contact shippers to ask for careful handling. You mentioned FedEx as an example, would you call the general 800 number? Or do you have a direct number to the office/desk at the origin, or to the office/desk at the destination? If so, how can I get those numbers for my package locations? Any detail that you can mention regarding how you do this would help. Thx!

I recently had a package delayed so I called customer serve at the head office of the regional shipper I use. They don’t give out the phone no. of the local office, and don’t do any customer service there. When I called, they could only tell where my package had been. I had to wait a couple of days before it was delivered. With USPS you can put out a tracer for a lost package, but if it’s not late they won’t do that. In some cases I’ve had them look up a picture of a package as it was scanned on a conveyor belt. The problem there was that a second package was scanned at the same time, messing up the tracking information. Eventually it got straightened out.

I just used Estes to send a speaker from Missouri to New Jersey and it was $200 each way for the box on a skid (about 180 pounds) and had no problems.  It might have been a corporate rate I paid.  It was for some warranty work, so I can’t be sure.



"call the shipping company after you have a tracking number - explain to them it’s a pair of speakers and should be handled with care. call them again once the parcel reaches the next stage - on its way to you"

I'd also like to know what numbers(s) at FEDEX you are specifically  calling to have this conversation? When you call its customer service number they don't know anymore than what you see on the tracking. Other than asking for fragile stickers to be placed on the box when dropping it off with them you're at the mercy of whoever is handling the package and at the hubs the conveyor system