Best single-malt Scotch...

I have to give credit to Redwiki for the inspiration to start this thread. Yes, certain malts better compliment certain music or certain moods. Of the fifteen or so different malts in my cabinet right now, my favorites are: Aberlour "Antique", similar to the popular Macallan, but not as syrupy; a bit drier, light hearted and less complicated; great with Mozart and Brubeck. Mortlach "Limited Edition" cask strength. Powerful, smoky, mysterious. Great with Bartok, Berg and late 'Trane. Loch Morar 25 yr old. Incredibly complex and intense, with a hint of honey and flowers. Great with Poulenc, Stravinsky and Bill Evans. Any other single-malt aficionados out there?
I introduced a friend to high-end single malts last night. He had a taste from three of the bottles I laid in for Christmas - two Distillers' Edition whiskies: the 1986 Lagavulin Double Matured and the 1986 Talisker Double Matured, and a Macallan 18 for contrast. He liked the Talisker best. My favourite whisky in the world is that '86 Lagavulin. It's a bit more civilized than the regular 16 year old, but with a bigger body and a better peat/smoke balance.

My other favourites are Laphroaig, Port Ellen (when I can find it) and Ardbeg 17 (it's like sucking on a burnt stick).
Gliderguider... yer makin' me thirsty, lad! A liquor store here (Chicago area) is offering Macallan verticals (1930'ish to to the present) for sale for about $40,000.
GlennRothes--- comes with a Metal base plate that is removeable, I convert that to an ashtray for my cigars while I enjoy this very very fine scotch !
Mzn50, I had a taste of a 30 year old GlenRothes when I was in Toronto over New Years. It was outstanding. My first love is Islays, but this one had something very special going for it.

On a side note, I bought a bottle of 18-yo Jameson Irish, a blend of three casks. Maybe my palate has been ruined by peat and smoke, but I was sorely disappointed.
Just as a follow-up. The Balvenie I was referring to in my post above was the 21 year old. The 15 is good but not as good as the 21 year old.

As for Irish Whiskey, I like Tullamore Dew.