Best single-malt Scotch...

I have to give credit to Redwiki for the inspiration to start this thread. Yes, certain malts better compliment certain music or certain moods. Of the fifteen or so different malts in my cabinet right now, my favorites are: Aberlour "Antique", similar to the popular Macallan, but not as syrupy; a bit drier, light hearted and less complicated; great with Mozart and Brubeck. Mortlach "Limited Edition" cask strength. Powerful, smoky, mysterious. Great with Bartok, Berg and late 'Trane. Loch Morar 25 yr old. Incredibly complex and intense, with a hint of honey and flowers. Great with Poulenc, Stravinsky and Bill Evans. Any other single-malt aficionados out there?
I_audo_feel_ya, are you in DFW?

If so, I called Goody Goody. Siegels would probably be a good choice as well.

I'm on my last night of a business trip to LA and a Welsh friend of ours brought me a bottle of Edradour which I won't crack until I arrive back home tomorrow. From what I understand Edradour is the smallest distillery in Scotland with a "family" workforce of four. I'm looking forward to sampling it while I listen to some good jazz this weekend.
Lagavulin 16yr for my "everyday" with an occasional Springbank
12yr if I'm looking for something a little lighter. Wow have
the Springbanks really increased in price recently? I have an
uncracked bottle of a 1977 single-cask Bruichladdich from
Cadenheads bottled in 1998 that I just can't bring myself to
open. "Cask strength" at 108 proof that one.
After reading this thread, I decided to try single malt and bought Dalmore 12 yr. I could like this stuff real easily. My next try will be Balvenie, which was recommended highly to me.