Best single-malt Scotch...

I have to give credit to Redwiki for the inspiration to start this thread. Yes, certain malts better compliment certain music or certain moods. Of the fifteen or so different malts in my cabinet right now, my favorites are: Aberlour "Antique", similar to the popular Macallan, but not as syrupy; a bit drier, light hearted and less complicated; great with Mozart and Brubeck. Mortlach "Limited Edition" cask strength. Powerful, smoky, mysterious. Great with Bartok, Berg and late 'Trane. Loch Morar 25 yr old. Incredibly complex and intense, with a hint of honey and flowers. Great with Poulenc, Stravinsky and Bill Evans. Any other single-malt aficionados out there?
Very interesting thread. I'm not surprised audiophiles appreciate a good whisky, after all its one of the cheapest upgrades. My preference goes to Talisker and Highland Park, both excellent with Bruckner.
For a birthday present, I'm now a member of the, single malt whiskey society of
america, which is a branch of the official society in
the UK. One gets a free bottle of their cask-strenth
hand-picked whiskey.

Yum! It's a whole different ballgame out there beyond
MacCallun 18-year stuff. This free bottle totally blows
away anything I've ever bought in a store!
Glenfarclas 25 year old - big and rich almost like the sherry barrels they age it in!
"A'bunadh" by Aberlour -- I just discovered this delight in the last year. Check it out.
Absolutely agree, Pardales. Hardly an inexpensive whiskey but worth the bucks. The only way I can get it is to have my son track it down in CA. WA's state liquor board controls imports and this is one of many whiskies that I can't purchase here. There is an 18 year old with rum finish available which I've had the chance to sample. A bit long in the tongue for me but Aberlour's 15 is very good. FWIW, my greatgrandfather was born in Aberlour, or Charleston on Aberlour.