Best small, desktop speakers, $500 or under (new or used)

What small, nearfield (3 feet) desktop speakers do you use or like?
I'm looking to fit out my desk with something good but not expensive.
Music tastes are varied and I don't care about deep bass. I'd rather have good mids, highs.
Spending is capped at $500 max. Open to used, new. Would power these with Adcom separates, 60wpc.
Elac? Ascend? KEF? What would you advise?

These work really well for desks as well.  They decouple and isolate your speakers from the desk and tighten up image focus and bass response.  You can angle them or raise them also, whichever you prefer 😀
Wow, those Clairaudients look amazing. Thanks to others for the suggestions. A lot to search out, but that's what evenings are for!

Anyone have an opinion on these:
www.CBM-170 SE pair (B-STOCK) $248.00