Best small, desktop speakers, $500 or under (new or used)

What small, nearfield (3 feet) desktop speakers do you use or like?
I'm looking to fit out my desk with something good but not expensive.
Music tastes are varied and I don't care about deep bass. I'd rather have good mids, highs.
Spending is capped at $500 max. Open to used, new. Would power these with Adcom separates, 60wpc.
Elac? Ascend? KEF? What would you advise?


Thank you for the "thumbs up" on the Minimus 7's!!!

I've been on the lookout for a decent pair to use on my desk.

From what I understand, upgrading the crossover makes a marked difference to their sound quality?

The Audio Engine A2 in red are super cute. The Silverlines are like the Clairaudient — if I can find cheap, wow — what a deal. Otherwise, way too much. The Q acoustics look neat, new to me. The Tukans look very tempting too. Rear ported, so I'd hope they don't need too much distance from the wall.

Yes, dJones — that Ascend's the one. Thanks for correcting the link!

The Optimus Pro LX-4 looks interesting too. I'll look at how to mod them. That tweak approach can really take one a lot further, I read.

Had not heard of ERA's before. Look interesting.

Sony bluetooth? Sound good?

Thanks for the many suggestions. I'm halfway tempted to ditch my Adcom stuff and go minimal somehow.

Oh, and the LS50s -- seem to big for a desktop based on the photos I've seen...
The Audioengine A2+ is easily within your budget. It has been favorably assessed by Stereophile; it's powered; it's available in wireless or wired configurations (I use the wired version with an Audioquest DragonFly Red and Jitterbug interposed between an iPhone 11 and the speakers); and...they sound quite nice for the price! In fact, I bought a "refurbished" set from Audiengine for ~$200 and they appeared "as new" and were fully warrantied by the company. For your purposes, they might work perfectly!