Best small, desktop speakers, $500 or under (new or used)

What small, nearfield (3 feet) desktop speakers do you use or like?
I'm looking to fit out my desk with something good but not expensive.
Music tastes are varied and I don't care about deep bass. I'd rather have good mids, highs.
Spending is capped at $500 max. Open to used, new. Would power these with Adcom separates, 60wpc.
Elac? Ascend? KEF? What would you advise?

I've chased this for years. I decided internal amplification for computer/desktop was the way to go, then improve the source: high res music files, good soundcard or DAC, Amarra, etc. I started early with new Altec Lansing ACS48s - loved them. Then B&W MM-1: excellent and fun but, like Audioengine and my Adam Artist 5s, all sounded accurate but slightly processed to these ears. A pair of used Swan M200 Mk II arrived with damaged internal amps but sound terrific with external amplification. I love our sublime Totem Arros and other small Totem designs have that magic but I'm not tempted by the sound of the self-powered Kin Play. My keepers: 1) Decware DM944s (now DM945) - I used then nearfield for awhile but they deserve more room – and tubes. This brings me to 2) Vanatoo Transparent Ones - the knock-out punch. Music leaps and thunders out of them. Jaw-dropping yet very musical. Miraculous. The Zeros are smaller, and perhaps cooler design-wise, and equally astonishing for their size - I've heard them at length and in conversation with one of the owners. For context, I always buy used; myroom-sized systems have included Klipsch Quartets and Klipschorns; Merlin, Mirage, Allison, Canton. Omega 7 XRS Alnico, Tekton OB4.5. My keepers are all full-throated, balanced, transparent and tonally rich to my ears: Klipsch Epic CF-3, Decware DM944s, Totem Arros – and for desktop use, the Vanatoo Transparent Ones.
Another vote for Vanatoo Transparent Zero, incredible speakers from a very responsive company. You must use their interconnect between speakers, it is NOT a regular ethernet cable. Excellent sound from a tiny set of speakers.
Thanks for the many additional ideas. I like the idea of a very efficient speaker, if only because I’d be curious to try driving it with a small tube amp someday rather than my Adcom. I agree about the Atoms. Dull. The JBL and that Vanatoos still sound interesting. There really is too much out there!

These are too much, but the seem like a good, more expensive desktop option— Decware Trapeziums