Best small speakers?

I'm looking for great sound at the best price... spending around 5K, am i going to get better sound and with small monitor speakers like the B&W 805's or Harbeth? I have Paradigm S-8s now... they are big sound alright, but i think if i spent the same money on a great smaller speaker i would get more for my money as far as sound goes... ? I have an above average system, rouge 180 monoblocks, shanata cables, conditioner etc.
I am a Rogue dealer and Joseph Audio dealer. The Joseph stuff matches up great with your amps. I would take a look at the RM7xl's or the RM22xl's (if you would consider a small/mid size floorstander). Of course, if you want to bump your budget up a bit, the Joseph Pulsars sound incredible with the M-180's.

Goldprint Audio
If you do not require very low bass, loud volume or have a large room to fill then smaller speakers have some great advantages. Since the drivers are so close together the inaging is better than a larger speaker, everything else being equal. Also it is much easier to build a great two way than a great three way; smaller cabiniet can be more rigid, simpler crossover etc. The 805 or Harbeth are very good, years ago I was a dealer for both of them; still have a pair of 805 Matrix and Spendors, which are very similar to Harbeth. Harbeth and Spendor are both very good matches with tubes and the B&W should work also. My advice to you would be this; recent generation 805s often show up in very good condition for around $2000; buy a pair and see how you like them. You will soon know if small speakers are for you; if not sell them at at most a small loss. If you do like them then either keep them, trade up to the newest 805s or transfur your allegence to another brand. They are many good brands of small speakers which sound quite different. Instead of spending $5000 initally I would buy a good used pair of a good brand and live with them for a while; this way your loss will be minimised if you decide to go in another direction.