Best software to rip CDs to Mac (Mini)

Years ago I used iTunes to rip CDs to my Mac Mini in AIFF format. What’s the latest and the greatest for this?



I more often listen to local tracks in shuffle mode.

It’s easier than making streaming playlists and guarantees I will like the program. Besides my masters are usually superior.

To each his own.

No recomendations for iOS. I use dbPoweramp. Windows doesn’t like AIFF.

I use XLD to rip to AIFF on my Mac mini and iMac. Very happy with the results. It is a free download but I've donated a few bucks to the author because I ripped almost a thousand albums using it. 

I'm sure it's a personal bias but I really think my CD rips sound better than the same album streamed. 

Good luck. 



+1 for dBpoweramp which is available for both Windows and MAC.

I've used it for years on Windows to rip to Flac, but it can rip to AIFF as well.

@fuzztone @jazzman7 looks like dbPoweramp has 21 day trial. I’ll see if it’s compatible with iOS.

@dbtom2 thanks I’ll look into it! Also, I noticed some, but not all, albums sound better from HDD rips than Qobuz and Tidal. This is especially true for some of the originals ripped vs the most likely remastered version on the streaming platform. It happens.