Best Solid State Amp For 10k Or Less

I'm auctioning off my Aragons to put towards the purchase of 'my last amp'. Wondering what people think. I have a Krell HTS as a preamp and Dynaudio 3.3's as mains. All I'm concerned with at this time is two channel sound...home theater can take a back seat for a while. My 'short' list is made up of Mark Levinson 335 or 336,Krell FPB300C or perhaps the FPB600c if I can find a deal,Classe 401, Plinius SA250. My musical tastes lean towards classic rock and jazz.What do you think?
Going along with snook2 and calloway, the Aloia is the best amp buy on the market. I've owned Pass, Mark Levinson, Plinius and this amp blows the others completely out of the running. If you must waste the extra $6000 and have a "name" I would look at Jeff Rowland first. If you save your money and get the Aloia, upgrade your front end or save it for something else.
The Levinson 334 and 335 amps are terrific. I compared the 334 to the Plinius SA250, Bryston 4B, Ayre V1, Coda 10.5, Pass Labs X350 and Classe 101. The Levinson was the best overall by a substantial margin. I bought the 334 and truly enjoy it (the 335 sounds just as good and is more powerful).