Best solo piano recording...redbook CDs only...Jazz, easy listening, piano bar

Need recommendations for a few very well recorded SOLO piano redbook CDs. Jazz, easy listening, piano bar type music. For late night listening...gentle and soothing...nothing clangy or busy. Noticeably... big and full sounding piano...:)...if possible.

Ola Gjeilo .. either Stone Rose or Piano Improvisations are both beautifully recorded (2L). He is a mash up of Jazz, Classical, and Pop genres.

Jan Gunnar Hoff is another from the 2L label .. LIVING is fantastic.

Craig Urquhart is a fabulous new-age composer and pianist .. his new album is Calm Seas. Secret Spaces is quite good and both are very relaxing for late night. 
Try the "Cocktail Piano" series by Jim Haskins. This will fulfill your piano bar crteria.