Best song for immediate impact when presenting or testing?

I, as most of you, have my regular tunes that I play or listen to when trying out a new system or playing music for friends. My current starter is 'Feels like Rain' by Aaron Neville. It engages me immediately because I love it so, but it is also very well recorded and has a bass voice doing backup which in the right system has a real visceral impact.

I was at an Audio shop recently, listening to my standards, and wanted to show the sales consultant a piece that he might not have heard. I played 'Golden Rust' off the Miles Gurtu album. After about 30 seconds, he pulled out his device and added the song to his favorites. I asked why did he add so quickly, and he said that the opening electronica had a three dimensional stereophonic quality that made a remarkable impression right off the bat. I paraphrase lightly; that was his comment.

What pieces do you play of any genre that have an immediate impact, especially for people listening to a good system for the first time?
Haelos Full Circle Album:  Pray
                                            Earth Not Above

NOTE:  People are surprise by such an undiscovered group from the UK

Beck Albumn:  Heart is a Drum
NOTE:  Heard this plenty at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

London Grammar:  Hey Now

Weltentraum Live Albumn by Michael Wollny
Little Person

NOTE:  Best demo for bass extension you will ever hear

Billie Jean. Winterplay
Tin Pan Alley. SRV
Jack of Speed. Steely Dan
Melody. Stones
Weird Fishes. Radiohead
These are more of a list of speaker test songs. They will definitely show you how the different styles sound but they won’t really blow your hair back. 
My main album to audition speakers for the past few years has been "Another Lifetime" by Simon Phillips.  It is well written, well played and very well recorded.  I got them to play it in the SVS room at Capital Audiofest a few years ago and in the 5 minutes it was playing, three different people picked-up the case to see what it was.  It takes about 2 minutes for it to really get going.
For rafter-shaking bass - Last mvmt. of the Mahler 10th conducted by Simon Rattle with the Bournemouth, which contains more of the Mahler "thuds" than the other last 5 symphonies.
For tightness of drum shots - "Tricycle" by Flim and the BB's