Best Song Intro

Just curious on what songs' intro really floats your boat. I got the idea today for this thread listening to my iPod when "It's A Long Way There" by The Little River Band started up. It starts out with some symphony, adds GREAT vocal harmonies, then cool rhythm guitar, followed by some cool electric riffs and chicken pickin' harmonics. Love it. And I'm not really a huge LRB fan.

So whatcha' all like?
"School" by Supertramp is freakin' awesome "dude".
But I gotta second "Time" by Pink Floyd as tied for first. Oh yeah, 'dude".
TED NUGGENT-live. The intro to Wang Dang Sweet Poontang is the best intro to any rock song. "This is a love song..." Haha-I love that guy.
i always dug the guitar buildup at the start of "unsatisfied" by the replacements. also, the little riff that opens robyn hitchcock's "ny doll"--real purty.
A second vote for Lou Reed, Hunter, & Wagner - "Sweet Jane" from the Transformer Lp