Best Sonus Faber for 16 sq room. ?


If money was of no importans what would you buy for a 16 sq well treated room?

Remember i have a amp that have digital eq so some magic can be done.

I know that most will say Guarneri Memento

But the thing is i have had the Gamut l3 speakers beforee ,and even if the do project wonderfull imagedes the just dont sound as dynamic as a floorstander
for all kinds of music i ended up not liking them much.

I know i have asked alot of qustians about sonus faber speakers but its just because im very very confused on wich one to get .

But this qustian is what it all comes down to.

Pleas spare with me

sorry for the not so clear describtion its 415 cm(4.15 meter) times 385(3.85 meter) and cm 3.30meter height

That is roughly 12.5ft. X 13.5ft. with almost 11ft. ceilings .
Why only Sonus Faber ?
Yes saki yes you answer is correct .

Why only sonus faber ? Simply because I love them.

No turning back now );

Cremona Auditor on dedicated stand or Concerto Domus.

Not even Guarneri Memento... Why? Its stand it simply too tall for your room. My friend tried to put Memento's in room little bit bigger then yours(5m x 3.85m) with not so good resluts. You need to seat at least 2.5m from Memento's to get decent sound.

And forget about Amati Anniversario, Elipsa or Cremona. They are all way too big for your room.

You currently own Gamut L3? Good small speaker IMO.

Do you want one of the best small speakers? Then go ahead and try to audition Krell LAT-2000 or Wilson Duette.

Both(specially Krell LAT-2000!) are way better in all respects then Memento's IMHO. And I own Anniversario's BTW so, I am not biased against Sonus Faber.