Best Sonus Faber for 16 sq room. ?


If money was of no importans what would you buy for a 16 sq well treated room?

Remember i have a amp that have digital eq so some magic can be done.

I know that most will say Guarneri Memento

But the thing is i have had the Gamut l3 speakers beforee ,and even if the do project wonderfull imagedes the just dont sound as dynamic as a floorstander
for all kinds of music i ended up not liking them much.

I know i have asked alot of qustians about sonus faber speakers but its just because im very very confused on wich one to get .

But this qustian is what it all comes down to.

Pleas spare with me

Good luck, Tda!

An Amati in each corner with the two ports firing into an horn (the room floor + corner walls)... won't be easy to set up!
Your room is too small for bass and I strongly suggest you gauge the sound by focusing on midbass -- NOT bass (i.e. disregard if you can "hear" 40Hz: focus on if you can "feel" 40Hz, etc).
I just want to emphasize that the Stradivari is NOT for small rooms. That really doesn't work at all! I've heard them in smaller spaces and they sound quite terrible.

They need a big room to do their magic. 25m2 is on the very low end of the scale, I would suggest 35m2 and above, 40-45 and above for really good results, preferably with high ceilings (3m+). These guys need air!
Although I'm sure that the Annis are borderline too big for your room, I will have to say that if you can, go for it. Just in case you have the ability to move to a larger room and you have a technically superior speaker from the getgo.
Along these same lines a recent Great room remodeling project has resulted in my large floorstanders; (Dali MS5) being exiled to a small bedroom for the forseeable future. I was wondering about simply plugging up the bass ports...voila, sealed box design...? The idea is that this would help with bass boom...if not speaker coherence. I know this messes around with the designers intent but hope for a temperary solution till the room situation can be delt with, ala Joey v's oh so pragmatic advice (you know you want em ;-)! The Dali's haven't made it upstairs so I can't comment on the thory yet, although I've heard of some manufacturers offering port plugs with their speakers for "tuning" purposes.
Thanks for all the replays

Must say that im not expecting super results .
And if it wassent for my amps nature i would have bourgt a monitor for sure.
but is there eny one that will back up Kops about the fact that The Cremona would be the best choice for now.?

Or is it exactly the same problem regardless of witch fullrange SF i chose and ther for i might as well get the Amati`s?