Best Sound Track Ever Vote for One

Just like the potato chip ad lets see how many

suggest several. If they are good and not already

mentioned you will be forgiven.


Stranger Things Season 4, no wait that's just one good song played 400 times. 

Rust Never Sleeps, no wait,

The Harder They Come, no wait,

The Commitments, no wait, 

The Song Remains The Same, no wait,

Pulp Fiction, no wait,

Rocky Horror Picture Show, no wait,

Stop Making Sense. Okay, my bag of chips is empty. 

"Last of the Mohicans"

track 6 "Promentory" is epic. play it as warp 9. and if you have not watched the mountain chase scene accompanying that sound track it is awesome too....never fails to grab me. the movie version of this cut is longer and i recommend that if you have not seen it you find it and watch it.

from a review of this CD....

My biggest complaint is with this version of "Promontory," one of the most stirring and perfect pieces of music ever composed, adapted from Dougie MacLean's "The Gael." The 6:15 minute version on this album, while, again, still gorgeous, is not the version used in the movie, which is about eight minutes long and has a slightly different arrangement. The album version even fades out at about the 4:20 minute mark and transitions into another variation on the main theme for the rest of the track. Why? Why did they have to mess with one of the spectacular pieces of music ever? Like I said, it's still a beautiful track, I just wish they had gone with the movie version.

easily found on Tidal or Quboz.


Love that track. The amazing cinematography and that track.

I met Tom 3 weeks back at the 50th Reunion. I am coming back

to volunteer for the PNW Audio Fest. Hope to see you there.

The Last Emperor, soundtrack by Ryuichi Sakamoto and David Byrne (also won the Oscar for best sound and best original score that year.

Victory at Sea - Richard Rodgers and Robert Russell Bennett - NBC Symphony Orch.

Wang Chung - Movie "To Live and Die in L.A."

Honorable mention: Movie "The Egyptian" (1954)

Soundtrack by: Bernard Herrmann and Alfred Newman

What sticks out in my memory is a victory march after the new pharaoh 

(Victor Mature) defeats the Hittites who are paraded through the royal palace.

This music is eerily compelling and has a groundbreaking structure.

Miles Davis ~ Ascenseur Pour L ’Echafaud. (Elevator To The Gallows)

John Williams ~ The Empire Strikes Back.

I dunno if there's such a thing as 'best', but my favorite is the soundtrack to Twin Peaks, with music by Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch... 

“Singles” soundtrack. Great music from the ‘90s Seattle-centric grunge era including Mother Love Bone, Mud Honey, Chris Cornell, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, etc. Classic movie too. Eddie Vedder does a great cameo.

Another great soundtrack is “Pretty in Pink”. Lots of greats from the 80’s including INXS, New Order, Echo & The Bunnymen, Psychedelic Furs, Susanne Vega, The Smiths, etc. Obviously a classic movie as well starring Molly Ringwald.

I still love all of these musicians and many are still putting out great music. Obviously Pearl Jam, Echo & The Bunnymen and Morrissey fall into this category. I saw Pearl Jam on their last tour, haven’t had an opportunity to see Echo & The Bunnymen and was supposed to see Morrissey, but at the time many years ago in Denver he cancelled his tour first because he lost his voice and the second time due to his beloved mother dying.

I would have also brought up Pulp Fiction and Miles Davis’ great soundtrack for the French movie that I listened to obsessively in High School, but they’ve already been mentioned for good reason :).

Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, Spike Lee, Quentin Tarantino, Paul Thomas Anderson and Wes Anderson compile the best pop-compilation soundtracks.

For “The Imperial March” alone, I’m going to have to say “The Empire Strikes Back” by John Williams for best original score.

Seeing the joy on Mr. Williams’ face while conducting the Vienna Philharmonic on this piece on YouTube is a treat. 

Surprised Hans Zimmer isn’t getting much love here: Gladiator and Interstellar are my two faves, with Winter’s Tale and The Last Samurai honorable mentions


Aside from being a gifted musician, one of the most tasteful and skilled rock guitarists (Dire Straits), Mark Knoppfler has written some brilliant sountracks.
Two that come to mind are Cal and Local Hero. 
And the movies are also excellent.

When my dad got his first good stereo around 1964, a Fisher component system, one of the first records he bought was the soundtrack to West Side Story - Always had fond memories of that timeless recording.

Marc Stager


+1 Local Hero.   Mark Knopfler

Harold and Maude.   Cat Stevens

Thief.   Tangerine Dream

Birdy.    Peter Gabriel

Score: Blade Runner by Vangelis

Soundtrack: Purple Rain due to its cohesiveness

I got 3 because I just can't decide...

The Crow - NIN, Violent Femmes, STP, The Cure

Platoon - The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Smokey Robinson

 The 5th Element - The Diva Dance! 

Dead Man, starring Johnny Depp

Soundtrack by  Neil Young

For much of the footage he improvised on solo guitar while watching the film.

It's wonderfully loose, spare and atmospheric and suits the film action really well. 

And on LP

Hope floats


That brings up another thought. 


I always felt really  bad for Sandra  bullock 


She could have dated me and she just didn't  know it!



To Live & Die In LA - Wang Chung 

Cadillac Records  - Various Artists
Heavy Metal - Various Artists

Against All Odds - Phil Collins

The Graduate - Simon & Garfunkle

American Graffiti - Parts 1 & 2 Various Artists

A Star is Born - Kris Kristofferson / Barbra Streisand



Local Hero - Mark Knopfler

Wag The Dog - Mark Knopfler

The Natural - Randy Newman

Grizzly Man - Richard Thompson



 The one that started it all. 2001: A Space Odyssey

Also, I feel that Hans Zimmers work in The DaVinci Code deserves mention.