Best Sound Track Ever Vote for One

Just like the potato chip ad lets see how many

suggest several. If they are good and not already

mentioned you will be forgiven.


+1 @aewarren Elevator to the Gallows

great example of film noir ... technically speaking, also a very early example of french new wave.

It's a great film, imo, and in addition to the soundtrack by Miles Davis the film also has a really cool car chase scene with a sweet Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing, which I guess was the fastest production car at the time. It's a very cool scene. 

It's been a long time since I saw the film but I recall that scene was actually more of a street race.

I bet there a few Mercedes enthusiasts in our group! 


“Les Stances a Sophie” by the Art Ensemble of Chicago.

“Theme De YoYo” from this, featuring Fontella Bass on vocals - amazing.

One of my favorites has to he Big Lebowski. Well thought out and even some good music lover jokes tossed into the mix. 👍 Another of my favorites is Spun. Billy Corgan did the music on that film. Hard film to watch but great when you’re in the mood for some dark humor. Third mention would be Into The Wild where Eddie Vedder did the music for the movie. That one makes a good album all by itself as well.

I will second Rush (Eric Clapton)

Another, which was panned by critics, but I love

Angel Heart 

Trevor Jones & Courtney Pine, along with Bessie Smith, Brownie McGhee


Film Music Site - Angel Heart Soundtrack (Various Artists, Trevor Jones) -  Antilles Germany, Antilles US (1987)