Best Sound Track Ever Vote for One

Just like the potato chip ad lets see how many

suggest several. If they are good and not already

mentioned you will be forgiven.


Can’t believe I left out one of my very favorite artists, film-score-or-otherwise:

Henry Mancini.  
It ain’t just “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (though a rightfully mentioned score in this thread already)

“Experiment in Terror,” “Hatari!,” (featuring not only the absolutely brilliant main theme but also the immortal “Baby Elephant Walk”) “Days of Wine and Roses,” “Charade,” “The Pink Panther,” “A Shot in the Dark,” “Dear Heart,” “Moment to Moment,” “Two for the Road,” and “Wait Until Dark.” 


One more soundtrack; "The Diva".  I mean, we have the beautiful Wilhelmenia Wiggins Fernandez at the opening performing the gorgeous aria from a not so often performed opera Catalani's "La Wally" secretly being recorded by a postman and on a Nagra IV S no less, with two main characters, music and audiophiles living in cool spaces plus, well here, from a brief synopsis "When 18-year-old Jules (Frederic Andrei) secretly tapes the concert of a superstar diva who refuses to be recorded, he accidentally winds up with another tape that identifies a top mobster involved in an international sex and drug ring. Suddenly, Jules is being chased through the streets of Paris by blackmailers, hit men and the police. Action, arias and assassins all collide in this romantic thriller directed by Jean-Jacques Beineix".  I recently pulled my copy out and it still holds up well. Some of that 1980-ish mod euro style of filmmaking in its style.  Jeez, now I definitely have to see this again.  See it in French.  The English language version kind of ruins it, especially the assassins' voice!