Best sounding "budget" integrated amp for Vandersteen 2C.

Looking for the best sounding "budget" integrated amp for use with an Vandersteen 2C (1980’s version) speakers. CD source alternates between a Sony PS1 and Cal Audio Icon II Power Boss. Budget is roughly $300, maybe up to $400. I’ve been thinking something from NAD, but with all the different models out there, I have no idea which models are the best sounding--regardless of power. It will also need to have a phono stage. I’d like to have a remote too, but it’s not a deal breaker. My system is in a second bedroom, so even though I like to crank every once in a while, most of the time I'm listening at reasonable levels. My listening tastes consists of stuff like Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Tangerine Dream, etc.
I was in your exact same position.  I got this.  A little more power than the Cambridge.  Should be fine in a bedroom. I love mine.  Much better sound than my old Audiosource stack.  Actually has a tuner, too, and if you want to add more power later, the 150wpc matching power amp is the same price.
A used NAD 7400 receiver has their 100 WPC “Power Envelope” which can peak to nearly 200 for sustained periods.  I own two: of all the mid vintage NAD amps I determined these sounded the best.  Read the on-line review by Ken Rockwell, he is an independent reviewer who knows his stuff and his review covers every molecule of this unit.  He rates it as one of the best he has reviewed.  It is dead quite and has extremely low distortion.  It has a descent phono section and selector for mm or Mc.  Its EQ section is of particular good quality not junk.  I’ve used this unit to drive a pair of Martin Logan SL3 electrostats and it does so with authority.  I’ve found clean units on e-bay for under $250 and they sound very good.
The power rating on the NAD amps, at least those that are newer with the more “traditional” toroidal transformer based on the original 3020’s, is really more of a conservative or nominal rating. I’ve got a simple C316BEE that NAD puts at 40w/channel that actually behaves like 90/channel! ESPECIALLY at the dynamic points in the music. Albeit, I’m running mine through some very efficient floorstanders (Tekton Lore)...but there are several reviews that indicate this little amp can drive speakers well into the 4ohm category while hardly breaking a sweat. And I can believe that as I never get over the 9 o’clock position without shaking the floors. Great little amp, and a much much sweeter soundstage than my previous Onkyo. Got mine for $250 at Dedicated Audio, but it’s the older version without the phono pre. The newer (version 2) with phono can still be had for about $380, with really the same architecture. And, an NAD phono stage is nothing to scoff at. 

Here’s an older review from Steve Guttenberg, still very pertinent. He’s great about reviewing good sounding equipment for those on a budget:

I used to own some DCM timewindows fromcthe ‘80’s that were around 6ohms. I know this little NAD would have done just fine with them!!