Best sounding cd in your collection

What is your best sounding cd for reference.Pick 3.(1)..voices(male/female)(2)..soundstage/imiaging.(3)..Bass/treble
Lots to choose from, but my favourites:
sarah K "Waterfall"
Shawn Colvin "Cover Girl"
1) Jennifer Warnes: First We Take Manhattan, Zound recording
2)Mino Cinelu: Mino Cinelu Blue Thumb recording using QSound
3) Dean Peer: Ucross Solo Bass Compositions, XLO recording
sorry...hadn't read your whole question...I think vocals, sound stage, instrumentation, bass ... the whole recording not to mention that it is great music (songs by Tom Waits, Stones, traditional spirituals, hymns, and folk) make Sprit of the Century something you should at least check out if not buy immediately without hesitation.