Best sounding CD player

I am interested in knowing what there think is the best sounding CD player . Some of my favorites are AMR cd-77, Cary 306sacd


let me know what your thoughts are including how the player sounds 



Good point, and that's where we all come in recommending products across a whole landscape of price points. Maybe what we don't ask frequently enough is "what's your price range or budget?" to an OP. Take care

Exellent cd-players/transport : Audio Note CDT two/II , Metronome Technologie “le player” , Audiomeca Mephisto II.x , Audio Aero,…

I currently own a Cary 302/600 and would like to better the sound while maintaining the ability to use as a dac fir streaming. 

i curios on luxman d06U, d03x models call it new vs old. 

Sparkler Audio makes a great sounding reasonably priced CD player. I have been using the s503 for the last few years and only recently added a Mojo Audio Mystique X SE. I’m very happy with the combo. The s503 has been replaced by the s515 (+/-$2K), a two box set up that sounds better than the s503 and as a transport bettered a highly modified 47Labs Flatfish. If your budget allows, the Human Audio Libretto II CD player ($10.5-11.5k depends on finish) would be on my short list. Off the grid battery powered, nos Dac, and one of if not the finest transports I’ve ever heard! 
Good luck hope you find what your looking for.



I would recommend at least a reach out to @bigkidz (Vu Jade Audio). I believe that they could modify and markedly improve your Cary. Just a good alternative for consideration.