Best sounding cd's

I'm trying to get some idea of the CD's out there that are well recorded to enhance my listening. My system is very revealing and as many of you know the recording can make or break how it all sounds. My tastes vary across the spectrum and go from rock to folk to classical. I welcome your suggestions. Thanks. Dave. My top 3 recordings (mainstream) are

1) Barenaked Ladies - Gordon
2) Norah Jones - Come Away With Me
3) Sting - Ten Summoner's Tales
Here are three recent live CD recordings with excellent sound and performances:
Bruce Barth -Live at the Village Vanguard
Dr.Billy Taylor- Live at IAJE, NY
Benny Green & Russekk Malone - Jazz at the Bistro
Suba- Sao Paulo Confessions
Daniel Lanois - Shine
Jack Johnson - Brushfire Fairy Tales
I've had really good luck with the CDs from Putamaya, All of them I have purchased have been excellent, though they specialize in obscure world music. A very nice alternative to the mass market crud.
Mapleshade's CDs sound great and the price is right.