Best Sounding HDD for NAS

I'm interested in a couple of two-bay NAS Servers from Synology...212+, 712+...and I'm looking for advice and/or recommendations for 2TB HDDs to use.

I was prepared to get something from one of the top three brands when I stumbled across this article from Enjoy-the-Music's HiFi Critic. []

The article reviews a hand full of NAS Servers and HDDs/SSDs for sound quality, and it reminds us that all parts of the chain sound different.

With that said, has anyone done comparison listening of HDDs or understand what properties should produce better sound?
Who knows.. I think trying to A-B HDD's is a road to insanity.. Then throw in different NAS boxes and.....BOOM.. that's the sound of your head exploding..
Good point.

It looks like, the drives don't matter, anyway, because if you've got a good player you're playing the audio file from memory in RAM.