best sounding integrated for under 2500.00

just getting back into audio. want this to be my last purchase. like smooth warm sounding equipment as i listen to alot of metal and rock from the 80s. this can sound harsh on alot of equipment. been researching for months and im getting more confused by the minute. i thought creek destiny or krell 300 might do the trick. any other suggestions. powering psb stratus golds.
I really like the Creek Destiny myself. I have not heard the Krell but that seems like a good choice as well
The choice will depend on the speakers you have or are getting.. No point in recommending amps that aren't a good match for the speakers you'll use with them.
I recommend the Wyred4Sound STI-500. 250w/ch, many features and very well built. Prior the STI-500, I had a Naim XS and McIntosh C42 preamp/MC252amp. STI-500 betters them all. Read the reviews. Talk to Walter at Underwood.